The video above will play on the website as a hero page

Example: 2 Videos demonstrating how the light changes


Showing different possible light settings in the same space


2 Videos showing how the App works with the light bulb - how to control


Shop for customers - How to order and options for the purchase


Package Idea Sketches


* My desktop is on the way from NY to Korea. Once I receive it, i will start rendering*

I want the customer to indirectly experience  " Turning on the light" feeling when they open the box

Design is to protect the light bulb from the delivery

A contrast between outside & Inside of package

[Outside: Dark -> Inside: Light]

Sticker design for the box to be sealed

Previous Package Rendering


Virtual Reality -  allow the customer to see how the light would look in their space by using the app

This feature will be explained on the website too. On the "EXPLORE" section on the top of the site

Example: Amazon & IKEA Virtual Reality Feature